eMailing an Image of a Quote or Invoice

Topic: eMailing an image of an invoice instead of printing it.

1) Follow the same steps that you do for previewing a quote or invoice.

2) Maximize the preview window so you can see the entire quote or invoice. Be sure that the window is selected.

3) Move the mouse curser anywhere other than the preview window. Otherwise the mouse curser will also appear in your image.

4) On your keyboard, press and hold the "ALT" key and press the "Print Scrn" key (print screen key). Nothing should seem to happen at this point. You have just captured an image of the active window to your clipboard.

5) Open MS Paint or any other graphics program and click in an open document.

6) Press and hold the "CTRL" key and press the "V" key this will paste the image into your graphics program. Now all you need to do is crop, save and attach to your eMail.

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