Note Pads

Topic: Personalized note pads are easy to make and bring high profits!

1) Prepare your artwork with your layout for two pads, four pads, etc..

2) Print your job as you normally would.

3) Count the number of pages you want on each note pad (it is a good idea to add one or two more than what you require). Insert padding board or card stock in between each counted group.

4) Cut the job.

5) Align the stacks flush to the edge to be padded and apply weight to the top of the pile.

6) With a descent quality brush , brush on padding glue. (Can be purchased anywhere you purchase your inks.)

7) Apply 2 - 3 coats allowing to dry in between coats. (For an added touch, you can color the padding glue.)

8) After the pads are completely dry, cut apart with a knife. (Heating the glued edge with a heat gun or hair dryer allows the pads to seperate easier.

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