Pro Series - 200+ Phrases & Sayings 2.0
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DMC Vector Art Professional Series, is the most complete vector art to ever hit the industry. It is the one and only vector art package you will ever need!

Now you can own this single disk from the Professional Series Collection! Version 2.0

All images are in high quality .eps files that work, unlike many .ai files that will not even open and work.

Easy to use drag and drop, right into your favorite software.

Fast, easy to use file browser, which quickly locates files by name, if you prefer not to use the drag and drop feature.

Thumbnail browser that provides a crisp, clear image,of what the art looks like before you import it.

Easily customize and print catalogs the way you want them.

Files are unzipped and ready to use.

It is like having a large hard drive of nothing but ready to use vector art!

This Software Has It All!

Before you spend your hard earned cash
on any vector art images
compare what you are getting!

Our Vector Art & Software
Competitors' Art
Free Samples
Our art is top quality so we offer free samples to try out. (See below) Poor quality so they do not offer samples.
Screen Shots
Our software has the best interface ever so we show you screen shots. (See below) No interface so they have no screen shots to show.
Our software can be registered through: the software, our website, mail, phone or fax. No registration, because they do not offer any registration or upgrades.
Owners of our software receive special upgrade offers on new releases. No upgrades offered for new releases.
We have been producing industry leading branded software, for over 20 years. They do not design or develop the software or images they sell.
Our software has no duplicate images. A large percentage of their images are duplicates since they are just thrown together from other developers' collections.
File Format
We only sell high quality .eps files that work. They have .eps and many .ai files that will not even open and work.
Drag & Drop
Our software features easy to use drag and drop right into your favorite software. No drag and drop support. You sift through large .pdf files and then search for the file by name.
File Browser
Our software has a fast, easy to use file browser to quickly locate files by name, if you prefer not to use the drag and drop feature. No file browser so you have to launch your operating systems file browser, and search for the files you want.
Thumbnail Browser
Our software includes a thumbnail browser that provides a crisp, clear image of what the art looks like before you open it. No thumbnail browser. Only .pdf files that distort the images due to low quality resolution.
We offer free 24/7 support by both phone, email and our website knowledge base. No support.
Ease of Use
Our files are unzipped and ready to use. It is like having a large hard drive of nothing but ready to use vector art. Most come zipped, requiring unzip software, large hard drives to unzip the files and lots of time to do the extraction.
Customized Catalogs
Our software allows you to easily customize catalogs the way you want them. Only offer .pdf catalogs (if you are lucky enough to even get those) which can not be customized
Our software is commercially produced. Homemade disks with paper labels that shorten the life span of your disks and often fail. They can also peel off and damage your computer.
Our software is very reasonably priced so you will get your investment back very quickly. What can we say... You get what you pay for.

What you will get:

-- More images - Over 200 sorted and indexed phrase & sayings images!
-- More catalogs! - 20 electronic catalogs!
-- Faster loading! - Up to 90% faster on some catalogs!
-- Built in viewer! - Preview full eps file with out any other software!
-- Print your own catalogs! - Customize and print your own catalogs!
-- Improved indexing!
-- Improved search options!
-- Thumbnail browser with new drag and drop support!

What you won't get:

- A bunch of zipped files that you can't browse.
- Duplicates.

Truly the Ultimate Collection!

This software has the best indexed archive ever! - No more searching through zipped files and multiple file types to discover you can not open the file. All files are well organized so you know it will work every time! It is like having a Hard Drive of nothing but vector art!

Best of all, it will only take you seconds to find images by thumbnails or a well indexed file structure!

Here are some of the collections on this software:

- Age
- Alcohol & Drugs
- Attitude
- Boyfriend & Girlfriend
- Children
- Family
- Fishing
- Golf
- Hunting
- Husband
- Insane & Crazy
- Insults
- Jobs
- Men
- Parents
- Retired
- Self Esteem
- Sex
- Wife
- Women

This vector art collection is an absolute must
for every home and shop!

These image files will work with all equipment and software that supports eps files.

We are so convinced that this is the most complete collection of the best quality art ever offered, you can download and try some of the images from this collection below!

Please remember that these samples are unindexed with no thumbnail browser. The actual images with this software are indexed and can be viewed with the included thumbnail browser!

Click Here For Screen Shots

Download and try free samples.

Some phrases and sayings in this collection may be considered offensive!

This software works with Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, XP-Pro, Vista or Windows 7 (Vista & Windows 7 require free download update).

Purchase and / or use of this software is acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

The purchase of this software and the images it contains does not authorize the resale of the images as a digital or printed art collection. They are for the creation of end products for you to use or sell.

The end use of this software and images is the sole resposiblity of the purchaser.

The purchaser and the end user agrees to assume all responsible for the lawful use of any of the files contained on this software.