DMC Quote Software For Printers 2.0
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DMC Quote Software is the most talked about software that has ever hit this industry.

Simple to use, while delivering professional results you would never expect.

Create a quote or invoice by simply selecting the items from a drop down menu (or with a barcode scanner if you have one). Enter the quantity or units, and the software will pretty much do the rest for you.

It is the perfect solution for today's quote and invoice management.

This Software Does It All!

Before you spend your hard earned cash
on any quote and invoice software,
compare what you are getting!

Our Software
Competitor's Software
Built In Database
Our software is database driven. Most are simple spreadsheet templates.
Live Updates
Our software has one click, live updates. No updates available.
Screen Shots
Our software has the easiest interface to use, so we show you screen shots. (See below) Not much of an interface so they rarely show screen shots.
Our software can be registered through: the software, our website, mail, phone or fax. No registration, because they do not offer any registration or upgrades.
Owners of our software receive special upgrade offers on new releases. No upgrades offered for new releases.
We have been producing industry leading branded software, for over 20 years. They do not design or develop the software they sell.
We are constantly developing new add-ons for all of our software. Not supported
Our software lets you view your quotes and invoices before you print them. No preview options.
We offer free 24/7 support by both phone, email and our website knowledge base. No support.
Ease of Use
Our software is very easy to use. Complicated and hard to use.
Bar Code Support
Our software supports optional bar codes. No bar code support.
Our software is commercially produced. Homemade disks with paper labels that shorten the life span of your disks and often fail. They can also peel off and damage your computer.
Our software is very reasonably priced. Very expensive for what you receive.

DMC Quote Software, has built in Code 3 of 9 bar code support which even prints barcodes on your quotes and invoices to make this software even more simple to use!

DMC Quote Software works with any bar code scanner. However, for best results we recommend a laser scanner not a CCD scanner.

In addition, there is no need to purchase an expensive dedicated bar code printer that limits what you can do. Our software works with most:

- Black & White Ink Jet Printers!
- Colour Ink Jet Printers!
- Black & White Laser Printers!
- Colour Laser Printers!
- Thermal Printers!
- Ribbon Printers
- Sublimation Printers!
- Wax Printers!
- Multi Function Printers!

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Click Here for a list of just a few manufacturers of scanners and printers that can
read and print Code 3 of 9 Bar Codes, and are compatible with our software!

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DMC Quote Software works on any personal computer running Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, XP-Pro, Vista or Windows 7 (Vista & Windows 7 require free download update). It uses Code 3 of 9 bar code, which is the most popular bar code that can be used with almost every bar code scanner! It requires no expensive licensing such as UPC codes, is very reliable and easy to use!